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"Your cards have helped me touch many hearts and introduce Jesus" "They (cross penny cards) have been one of the easiest ways I have ever had to spread God's message." "I just thought I would let you know this, whenever I use one of the cards you sent me, the reaction I get is a sense of peace in the person I share it with, so, I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to use these cards to share His word and Life. Thank you again."

Larry-South Dakota

"Have given some away and they are (a) hit. ( I ) think (they) will make many people stop and think." "I gave some cards to a friend of mine, Ron, who gave a card to his friend and ended up leading his friend to the Lord. Not long after that encounter, Ron's friend passed away, but he passed away knowing Jesus."

Pastor Paul - South Carolina

"Our church Pickens View Wesleyan Church in Pickens, SC had our live nativity this past Christmas. It was our fifth year of doing the nativity. Our kings wanted a coin or something to hand out to the children, and while looking online I came across the Cross Penny. On the site where I purchased them I saw a link for the Cross Penny Cards. I never expected to receive the number of cards we needed from your ministry, but what a blessing. We had 3016 people attend our live nativity, and we used the Cross Pennies and cards at the cross station. It made presenting the gospel easy and in a very nonthreatening way. So many who came through commented on the pennies and the cards. We loved the fact that we were sending them home with a reminder. "Be sure to place this penny somewhere you will see it, and when you do remember the ONE SENT (CENT) at Christmas for you." Thank you for the cards and what a blessing they were to us and to those who received them."


God Bless You for continuing this GREAT ministry ! I have received a couple of orders from you before. I started receiving pennies from Texas back in the day and have stayed in touch with the Petty's over the years. You have the BEST tool to plant a seed for Jesus with combining your GREAT cards with the pennies. I carry the cards with me every day without fail. I know you have experienced how easy it is to plant a Jesus seed with this great tool. Please send me at least 1000 to keep me going, more if you can spare. I am sending a small donation with this order. i will continue to send more money as I can. Thank you again for making this GREAT tool available. I will be glad to do a testimonial for you any time.

Timothy & Debra-Alabama

WE have found sharing Christ JESUS with offering the "ONE CENT" Cross Penny Cards provides their attention long enough to PLANT that SEED of SALVATION , PRAISE GOD, we have added The "Little Bible" with the Cross Penny Card to add GOD's Holy Word as a way to help reach into the Hearts and Mind of those The Lord Leads us too in our daily pursuit to Share His LOVEwith others


"I would love to tell the world about my Jesus and how he saves! I have so many miracles that’s showed me my way! My son is 3. But when I had him when I was 25. He came at 25 weeks! He weighed 1lb and wasn’t fully developed. It was tough on me and my husband for we had 2 more kids at home who needed us to! I prayed and prayed!! At 2 weeks they told us he had stage 4 brain bleed! Within 3 months of prayer and prayers going out for us and a prayer cloth under the incubator! He got to come home! He came home on oxygen but we were so excited to have our baby! Now he’s 3 and the only thing wrong is cerebral palsy and a developmental delay. But he NEVER lets it stop him or slow him down! He loves Jesus and is always saying thank you god in everything he does!"

Tim & Julie-PA

"Dear Linda, Thank you for your quick response sending us the 'Cross Penny Cards'. What a great idea! When I pass one out to someone working at the grocery store or a person on the street who looks like they need they need a lift, their faces light up as if I gave them a hundred dollar bill! I keep a few in my purse so I can give them out as God sees fit. God Bless you." "REMEMBER JESUS" Tim & Julie H.

Tim & Debbie-Alabama

WE have found sharing Christ JESUS with offering the "ONE CENT" Cross Penny Cards provides their attention long enough to PLANT that SEED of SALVATION , PRAISE GOD, we have added The "Little Bible" with the Cross Penny Card to add GOD's Holy Word as a way to help reach into the Hearts and Mind of those The Lord Leads us too in our daily pursuit to Share His LOVE with others


The absolute BEST tool that I have ever used to share JESUS with as many people as possible. Use this valuable tool to reach the unsaved


"I place them in a basket in a small gift shop my friend has with a sign saying salvation is “free” take one.. people come up and thank my friend for giving these. They really seem appreciative."


"Thank you so much for sending me the glue dots I needed for making more Penny Cards! Those Cards have been so positive to all I have handed them out to. I hear so many compliments 'I need this today' is the most common reaction I hear + sometimes I get to hear their stories , troubles + health issues too. I haven't met ONE negative reaction. Again Thank You + God Bless you with continuing doing what your do!"


I was first introduced to the "Cross Penny" in 2007 when I was a member of the Christian Motor Cycle Association. I handed them out to people and left them in many places. In 2020, a friend of mine suggested that it would be a good idea to come up with a card to hand out with the Cross Penny. So, the "Cross Penny Card" was created. I have sent them out to friends and other people I know. Another friend liked them so much that they started donating because they wanted to make sure the "Cross Penny Card Ministry" continues. I posted the Free Cross Penny Cards to Face Book and started sending out cards to people in different parts of the USA. Some of the Cross Penny Cards have gone to many different states along with Uganda and Mexico.

In order to get the most out of the donations, the most cost effective shipping is on a minimum of 300 cards per order.

If you believe in the True Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior and want to share His love and Good News with others, please fill out the form on the CONTACT/ORDER PAGE and let me know the number of cards you would like along with your NAME, ADDRESS, (please send complete address with city state, & zipcode) PHONE# and email address and they will be sent to you free of charge.  Also, please tell me a little bit about yourself and how you came to know the true Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior.
As I have gotten busier, the cards will be sent unassembled. You will be able to assemble them as needed.

Please help share God's Love to man kind by sharing the true Jesus and what He did for our salvation.
We are HIS hands and feet.

To see pics of the front and back of the Cross Penny Card, please click on GALLERY PAGE.

Linda Den Beste
Okeechobee, Florida

Donations are not necessary but if you would like to donate to our ministry, please send a check to:
Linda Den Beste
2811 SE 18th Ct
Okeechobee, FL  34974

Please note on the check that the donation is for:
Cross Penny Cards.
Please note, this is not a registered organization, so the donations are NOT tax deductible.  Rest assured, every penny will be used for spreading the Good News of the true Jesus through the Cross Penny Cards.